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This blog keeps track of various creative projects I'm working on and news about those projects. During the day I work as the public geek at Takoma Park Maryland Library, helping people use the Internet on the 28 Linux stations at the library and adjoining community center. Most of these blog postings are education oriented, as I work as an outside-of-school educator. I'd like to thank Google for the 20 percent time I've given to myself for creative projects.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

some thoughts about warren buffet's donation

this is a fun proof-of-concept rosetimes video project i've been working on. yes, it's possible to combine four video streams into a single quicktime. these four streams could be four different people (or four groups of people) participating in a panel discussion, brainstorming session, etc.

you'll need a G4 macintosh (or similarly fast linux or windows computer) to view the above quicktime. you might need to download quicktime 7, which is available for free.

would you like to create similar videos yourself? i explain how you can do so using quicktime pro ($30 from apple) in several screencasts accessible from the "making rosetimes" link at the top right of the rosetimes web site.