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This blog keeps track of various creative projects I'm working on and news about those projects. During the day I work as the public geek at Takoma Park Maryland Library, helping people use the Internet on the 28 Linux stations at the library and adjoining community center. Most of these blog postings are education oriented, as I work as an outside-of-school educator. I'd like to thank Google for the 20 percent time I've given to myself for creative projects.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

A brief review of Mark's Kitchen's Mango Curry entree

this evening some friends and i ambled over to Mark's Kitchen. my mind was set on the Stuffed Acorn Squash, whose barley and mushroom flavors are a festival for the tongue.

when the waitress explained that the evening special was Mango Curry, i thought my willpower was robust and up to task. then she casually mentioned the dish had, "lots of asparagus on top" -- and i heard my willpower snap.

how to describe this dish? the dish can best be described as a rich melange of metaphors and similes, delicately garnished with wages. (delicately garnished with my wages, that is.)

visually, the dish is a work of art, suitable for hanging on the wall at the I M Pei Wing of the National Gallery. such colors. such style. such mood.

the dish is presented in a wide, round bowl --heaped in a healthful mound. i started my ascent on the south face and wended my way leisurely to the other side.

instead of boring rice, the carbs in this dish are scrumptious noodles. cuddling among the noodles are bountiful quantities of beneficent broccoli.

dabs of bright, fresh mango adorn the wide, curved edges of the plate. i went looking within this dish for a cliche and could find none.

you're going to like the Mango Curry dish. trust me.

phil shapiro

Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Public Geek" job title

a few days ago i posted the following message to the excellent web4lib email list.

Hi Web4Lib community,

I asked my supervisor at the public library where I work, the Takoma Park
Maryland Library, whether I can call myself the "Public Geek." "Sure," she
said. "It's fine to call yourself the Public Geek." "What does that make you?"
I asked mischievously. "I'm the Geek in Chief," she replied, without batting an

Now during staff meetings I'll be able to say, "Speaking as the Public
Geek, I'd just like to say..." You think I'm making this up? Here's
photographic proof!

I introduce myself very matter-of-factly to people who come into my
workspace, "I work here as the Public Geek." I fully expect someone to walk up
to me and say, "I'm so glad to meet you. I'm the neighborhood nerd."

"You're the neighborhood nerd? I'm so glad to meet you. I'm the Public Geek."